Petroleum chemical industry

 Petroleum and Chemical

  Main products include:Crude oil,imported fuel oil,all kinds of base oil and heavy oil,residual oil,road asphalt,light oil paraffin oil etc.Our business scope extends from Shandong province to South and North China.The company has acquired the qualification of autonomously importing fuel oil approved by Chinese Ministry of Commerce. By learning the marketing management mode of shell,we are making an increasing profit untilizing fully of our current resource.



  To make active response to global energy consciousness, we start LNG business in 2014. Relying on the LNG plants in Northwest China, North China and LNG Terminals in Caofeidian port, Qingdao port, Rudong port, Tianjin port etc., we have developed high quality end customers including state enterprises and listed companies in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong etc. The product quality and reputation are regarded as the most important aims in our business. We devote ourselves to distributing the most suitable products to the various industries separately. Besides, we attempt to broaden our market by developing LNG gas station and other integrated service. We have resolution to be an outstanding company in LNG field.

Lubricating Oil

  In Jan 2017, the company has obtained the authorization of Total lubricants dealers in France, mainly engaged in hydraulic oil ,gear oil ,rolling oil ,rolling liquid ,grease vortex (steam) ,wheel oil ,compressor oil ,tank sealing oil and other varieties.

      As one of the world's top 500 companies, Total is the global energy group's leading brand, operating in more than 110 countries. Total industrial lubricant products series provide excellent lubrication protection for many industrial equipment, and has been won the good reputation between many equipment manufacturers. It is widely recognized in many industries such as power, steel, chemical, paper, textile, cement, mine compressor, metal processing, food manufacturing, grease, etc. We will be your long-term partner with high quality products and professional services.