Black mineral industry


  Relying on the continuous development of the coal supply chain industry and the accumulated resources and industrial advantages over the years, the company has achieved rapid and stable business expansion. In the domestic coal business "stronger, bigger, better" at the same time, actively develop the international market, fully participate in the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, continue to build chain, supply chain, nurturing chain, strong chain, efforts to build a global coal supply chain network.


Iron Ore

  As one of the first traders to enter the Southeast Asian market, our company has a stable procurement channel, the origin is concentrated in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. At the same time, the company is equipped with spot and futures professional teams, with strong market analysis ability, rich practical operation experience and perfect risk control system.

Marine logistics

  In order to build a global coal supply chain network, we actively set up the shipping business department, takes the coal supply chain as the center, takes the customer demand as the starting point, and provides customers with full-process professional information and integrated logistics solutions, as well as one-stop shipping logistics services.